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Long Distance Moving

We service: California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa!

Local Moving

We service: California

Interior design

If requested by the customer, Brooklyn Moving Inc's trained and licensed interior designer will create layouts and designs for your new home!

Brooklyn Moving Inc offers free thirty days storage for the first month. Storage fees applied after 30 days! Call today to talk about your options!

Packing & Unpacking

 From the moment we step in your door, our trained and experienced team will pack and disassemble all of your items and furniture if requested by the customer. Our company offers free moving blankets to wrap your valuable items, as well as free shrink wrap and packing tape! We take all the responsibility of all your goods and we make sure that they are well packed and secured, until they reach your doorstep. At delivery, we place your items where you need them to go and reassemble all the furniture. 

Storage Services

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