After getting quotes from several moving companies, I decided to go with Brooklyn Moving Inc. for my recent transition from the suburbs into the city. In addition to offering me the most affordable quote, they were also extremely accommodating over the phone. The person I spoke to walked me through the process (as I had never used a moving company before) and reassured me that my belongings would be in good hands. Moving can be stressful and they did everything they could to reduce my anxieties.

On the morning my move was scheduled for, several of their movers arrived on time and ready to get things done. They wrapped and packed everything in my apartment quickly and with ease. I did not feel that any of my things were in danger of breaking or being damaged as they packed their truck. Additionally, the movers were polite and professional throughout the entire process and made sure to keep me up to date on their progress. All of my boxes were labeled with either the contents or room they belonged in. If they were unsure of how to label a box, they made sure to ask rather than leaving me to guess later down the road.

Later that day, I was pleasantly surprised when my belongings were promptly delivered to my new apartment. The movers placed all of my furniture where I asked them to, and neatly stacked all of my boxes in the appropriate rooms. None of the boxes were crushed or ripped, which was a great first sign. None of my furniture was noticeably damaged other than the usual wear and tear from years of use. Payment went smoothly and I was billed only slightly more than the price I was quoted.

Upon closer inspection when unpacking later that evening and the following several days, I was highly impressed by how thorough the movers at Brooklyn Moving Inc. were when packing my belongings. All of my fragile items were wrapped individually and boxed neatly. They even made use of my kitchen towels to help ensure none of my plates cracked, which I found to be quite creative. The way each box was packed made setting up my new apartment as stress-free as something like that could possibly be. Having each box labeled also made it easy to find things quickly throughout the week, as it was a while before I could find the time to fully unpack.

After reading several moving tips online, I had decided to create a general inventory list to ensure nothing got lost in transition, complete with several dozen photos. I recommend anyone who is moving to do the same. Nothing appeared to be missing, and all of my valuables were accounted for. Even though everyone who came into contact with my belongings came off as trustworthy, having the inventory list gave me peace of mind.

I highly recommend using Brooklyn Moving Inc. for your next move. All of their employees demonstrated professionalism and expertise from start to finish and they truly made the process simple and stress-free. Five stars!

Kristen Burke


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